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Weekend Activities

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Two Week Course

Class Instruction

Our two week program includes:

  • Week One
    • Instruction on Equine Sports Massage
    • Go to EquissageNC for details
  • Week Two
    • Trigger point therapy, based on methods developed by Jack Meagher, origin and insertion and muscle action
    • Guest speakers
      • Chiropractic care, acupuncture and gait analysis
      • Saddle fitting
      • Feldenkrais** for riders (also known as the TTouch by Tellington Jones)
      • Introduction to Essential Oils and introduction Healing Touch for Animals
      • Introduction to Myofacial Release and Lymphatic Drainage.

Every day there will be sufficient time with hands on to develop your new found skills.

Each student will receive a massage of their choice (optional)

On the Saturday between course weeks, Small Animal Massage will be offered.

Please Note: Week one is a pre-requisite for week two, however week two is optional. A certificate will be issued after each accomplished week. The cost for the additonal week is $995.00.


** Feldenkrais movement therapy focuses on the unconscious movement patterns we bring to our riding that can interfere with the clearest usage of our bodies to make for smoother and more effective riding. It is very useful in correcting the placement of the pelvis in the saddle and the way the arms are held, to maximize comfort, and minimize soreness and pain, that could eventually lead to lower back and/or arm and shoulder problems. It uses gentle and interesting  movement ‘puzzles’ to reteach our brains how to know instantaneously, before we are in pain, how to adjust our bodies to the riding experience.