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Class Instruction

2014 Program Schedule

  • January
    • Week of January 27th

  • February
    • Week of February 10th
    • Week of February 17th

  • March
    • Week of March 3rd
    • Week of March 17th, 2 Day Advanced

  • April
    • Week of April 7th
    • Week of April 21st

  • May
    • Week of May 5th, 2 Day Advanced
    • Week of May 19th 2 Day Advanced

  • Horses with Reflection
  • June
    • Week of June 9th
    • June 21st and 22ns, Weekend Classes
    • Week of June 23rd

  • July
    • Week of July 7th

  • August
    • Week of August 4th
    • August 30th and 31st, Weekend Classes

  • September
    • Week of September 8th with or without 2 Day Advanced
    • Week of September 22nd

  • October
    • Week of October 6th
    • Week of October 20th with or without 2 day advanced

  • November
    • November 1st and 2nd, Weekend Classes
    • Week of November 3rd
    • Week of November 17th with or without 2 day advanced
    • November 28th and 29th, Weekend Classes

  • December
    • Week of December 1st

Note: If a week you were hoping to schedule is not listed above, we may be able to accommodate you if you have a friend that would like to register for that same week.